I went through a stage of making my own music, but now it's more just filler for videos and games that I make. My newer (and best stuff) is available from soundcloud, linked below:


...And my albums are listed below, which comprise of my older stuff which is available from Bandcamp. You used to be able to download them for free, though I believe my account has gone over the free download limit and you'll have to pay for these now, which I'm also happy with!

Just be sure you listen to them first so you know what you're getting. I don't want you paying good money for these and then getting upset when you realise they're RUBBISH.

  Grantparent Edition
My third album. There are only 6 songs but they each had months of work put into them. I'd listen to them on the bus, at home, at University, making minor changes to them until I was satisfied with the result. Download the album for free (Above left), but feel free (?) to give me money for it if you enjoy the album!
  Grantparent Edition
I learnt the basics of music making with In The Face, with my second album, Audio Crime, I started to experiment a bit more. While the songs in the first album controlled me, I tried to direct the songs where I wanted them to go with this album- with mixed results!

Grantparent Edition

My first 11 proper songs, put in order and in a nice shiny collection. Don't expect amazing instruments or complex structures, but do expect pleasant little tunes. I wasn't good enough to make the songs I had in my head, so I just went with whatever happened.
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