For CS:GO tutorials, news and guides.


3kliksphilip has always been my largest (and best) channel. It used to be like 2kliksphilip, but I found that you guys wanted CS:GO content and dedicated this channel to that kind of content. You'll find tutorials, guides and informative videos about all kinds of aspects of the game. I hear that many of you don't even play the game any more, but still enjoy my content. You strange people.


Weekly videos. What ever will it be this week?!


2kliksphilip has always been second best at everything. This makes him a loser. He resents this greatly and often acts the idiot to try and garner attention while his smarter brother continues to do better in life, raking in that sweet, sweet Youtube money. 2kliksphilip is kind of a gaming channel, but also kind of not. It's pretty much whatever he chooses to make a video on, which is usually on a game that everybody else has long moved on from, though you'll occasionally find a video about mud men or video encoding which he swears is interesting but it really isn't. Sometimes he discovers content that you guys really like, which prompts him to delay the series in fear of becoming typecast like his brother. Arresting Development is his preferred tactic since he gets off on being withholding. 2kliksphilip swears that one day, after CS:GO finally dies, he'll be the best.


What does a Youtuber do behind the scenes???

Good question: what DOES a Youtuber do in his spare time? Sounds like the dream job, doesn't it. Wake up Monday morning, pump out 7 videos before lunch and schedule them in advance for the rest of the week! The reality isn't quite so rosy- it's more like you plan to make 7 videos in a week, spend 6 days perfecting the first, then on Sunday you panic and make a quick half-arsed second video that gets more views. There's a lot of thinking and planning and reformatting thrown in there somewhere as well. You'd love to try out those 26 hour days since it suits your night-owl routine, but the rest of the world just isn't ready for it and that Dentist appointment next Tuesday will throw your sleep cycle into chaos for the next couple of weeks!

Kliksphilip contains the kind of content that would help a younger me to reach where I am now. While my other channels are geared towards more mainstream appeal, I consider kliksphilip to be an unfiltered place for me to talk about whatever I like. It has followed my Youtube journey since I decided to do it fulltime, when I barely had 10,000 subscribers, most of whom had been subscribed years earlier for mapping tutorials.

On this channel, I don't care about views or subscriber counts. I don't want those things to influence what I make, as I've already got 2 channels for that kind of content. On kliksphilip I may sound big-headed, self-centred or wayyy too emotional about some small part of my life. I don't care- this is my place and you watch these videos at your own risk.